Junlong Aaron Zhou

Causal Inference, Experimentation, Data Science, Social Science

I am a Senior Data Scientist at Tencent America. I work on online experimentation and causal inference. [Curriculum Vitae]

My academic research focus on political methodogy and comparative politics with a regional focus on China. [Google Scholar]. I was a co-founder of Quantitative China Studies Seminar and a co-organizor of Political Science Speaker Series for Chinese Scholars.

Prior to Tencent, I obtained my Ph.D. in the Politics from Department of Politics at New York University, M.A. in public policy from the University of Chicago, and B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Peking University. I was born and raised in Changsha, a city famous for spicy food (and entertainment industry now).

FYI. How to pronounce my name Junlong Zhou?

周俊龙中文简介:我现于腾讯北美(腾讯游戏全球)担任资深数据科学家。我主要进行在线实验和因果推断的工作。我的学术研究工作可见于《政治学杂志》(Journal of Politics)等刊物。在加入腾讯之前,我就读于纽约大学并取得政治学博士学位,主要研究比较政治学和政治学方法论(应用统计学)。 我于芝加哥大学取得公共政策硕士学位,于北京大学取得经济学学士学位。